Dutone Metal Planter Pot with Stand

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Welcome to ecofynd Dutone Planter Pot with Stand
A set of generous and elegant flower pot with stand will immediately improve your house or outdoor space, make your flowers more noble, and create a modern urban feel.

MATERIAL:Galvanized Iron with powder coat finish. Powder Coating helps in preventing the metal items from rusting.

DIMENSIONS:Top Dia - 11.0'', Bottom Dia - 10", Pot Depth - 10", Total Height - 25.5"

FEATURES:Powder Coated Rim of the pot will add glamour to your space and will match with all the interiors of the house. Some people also prefer to use it with artificial flowers or plants. 

TIPS: Use a dry cloth for cleaning purpose. Avoid being around water.


MODERN PLANT STAND: Add new life to your home and make any room look amazing. Enjoy your favorite plant in a trendy new plant pot and handsome plant stand. Green plants reduce stress and increase joy in the home - treat yourself with a new plant to show off this flower pot.

BEAUTIFUL PLANTER: Enjoy your plants at their best! Your plants will love this flower pot - the large surface area with a premium finish will make you fall for it.

UNIQUE DECOR THAT FITS ANYWHERE: Use it to enhance your home decor, office decor, bathroom decor, and more! For larger spaces, combine multiple Centuria Planter Sets to create a truly unique display

HIGH QUALITY: Plant stand is high-grade metal with a rich powder coat finish. Planter is a high grade galvanized sheet in a stunning matte finish to ensure durability. Plant stand is sturdy to support your plants and perfectly complements this planter.

COMPLIMENTS YOUR HOME DECOR: Create a space you will love! This planter looks great with indoor plants, succulent plants, house plants, and artificial plants.

This Planter Set is proudly MADE IN INDIA.