Cotton Macrame Cord Natural White Dori

Welcome to ecofynd natural macrame cord 100% cotton thread, contains no chemical dyes and leaves no stains.

  • Package includes: 50/100/200 Meters Macrame Cord. Macrame Cord diameter is 3mm.

  • 100% Natural Cotton: This rope is made from very high quality 100% natural cotton yarns, giving this cord a creamy white color. The result is a very soft cord with excellent feel. Cotton is the softest natural fiber used for macrame cords, making it an extremely popular choice!

  • GREAT CRAFT TOOL: Create a new style in jewelry making by using this thick hemp cord! Use it for making a variety of macramé accessories such as bracelets, anklets, beading, necklaces, earrings, chokers, pendants, charms, and more. The hemp twine cord can also be applied to craft macramé scrapbooking, gift embellishments, crochet, etc!

  • NO CUTS AND KNOTS IN THE MIDDLE: The rope made by just one continuous cord, no any cuts and knots in the middle, also no frayed pieces and no spots. Winding around the roller, the rope is not easy to knot or stain during use, easy to work with.

    Country of origin: India