ecofynd Plant Stand for Indoor and Outdoor Pot, Metal Potted Plant Holder for House Garden and Patio

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Plant Stand Dimensions:
Small: 7" high, fits square pots up to 8.25", round pots up to 12" diameter
Medium: 11" high, fits square pots up to 7", round pots up to 10" diameter
Large: 15" high, fits square pots up to 6", round pots up to 9" diameter

Classic Meets Trendy and Chic
We maintained the old, European "wrought iron garden" theme while also putting a modernized twist on the look. The sleek metal legs of this unique plant stand provide a modern feel, while the design of the black metal plant stand has a more contemporary look that will suit any house, patio, deck, or garden.

Versatile and Sturdy Enough For Any Space
Our product is so versatile, you can put it anywhere and it will fit right in. Whether you want to show off a beautiful cactus in your home or office or add some "umph" to your garden or porch, this is the perfect flower pot holder for you.

This Easy-To-Assemble Product Comes With The Following:
2 leg parts
1 base disc
4 rubber foam pads

Durable and Slip Free
This heavy duty plant stand base prevents your house plants from toppling over and causing a mess. This plant stand rack also comes with rubber foam pads for the feet to keep everything from slipping or moving. They also double as protection from potential scratches and scuffs when placed on floors.

Keeps Your Greenery Elevated For Optimal Plant Growth
Your plants need quality air to thrive. By placing your plants on a rasied surface, you optimize the flow of air which helps your flowers last longer and look brighter and healthier.