Top 10 Super Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants


We all love Gardening. These easy-to-maintain indoor plants help in reducing stress, boosting your mood, and eliminating air pollutants. Your living environment must be clean and beautiful. When it comes to Gardening, we all know it is more than just getting a plant and keeping it in our garden, terrace, windows, or somewhere else. The green plants augment the beauty of the house while adding a tinge of greenery to it. Plants always rejuvenate the atmosphere around you. However, it is vital to choose the right kind of plants that bloom properly with primary care and watering. 

Getting a plant is probably only the start. But the kind of plants we want, and the kind of plants we can have or get, are sometimes totally different. What season it is, what type of soil you get, compost and fertilizers, gardening tools, pest attacks. Let us read about the top 10 easy-to-maintain indoor plants in India that help foster a happier and healthier living environment.

1. Snake Plant

Botanical Name – Sansevieriatrifasciata

Common Name – Mother-in-Law's tongue

The first one in the list of top 10 indoor plants in India, we have Snake Plant is an easy-to-maintain indoor plant and is better than all the other indoor plants when it comes to air purification. The plant has upright leaves with asymmetrical green banding that looks like the skin of the reptile. In the soil mix, regular topsoil is beneficial. 

Snake Plant - Ecofynd

  • The plant helps filtrate toxins like Benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene and converts Carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Water it occasionally as it is drought tolerant.
  • The size grows up to 3 feet (90 cm).
  • So, you can breathe easy having it in your home, and it requires low maintenance and blooms in full sun or full shade.

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2. Money Plant

Botanical Name - Epipremnumaureum

Common Name - Money Plant

The refreshing money plant is one of the low-maintenance indoor plants. This is a popular houseplant that purifies the air and creates a soothing environment. You can grow the money plant in a bottle or a container with soil. According to Feng Shui principles, it creates a pleasant-sounding atmosphere and brings prosperity. It is admired for its ability to grow both in the ground as well as in water.

Money Plant/Pothos - Ecofynd

  • Water it moderately; let the soil dry between watering.
  • The plant climbs up to 7 feet (around 2 m) in containers, can also be grown as a hanging plant
  • The soil type should be well-draining and rich.

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3. Peace Lily

Botanical Name - Spathiphyllumwallisii

Common Name - Cobra plant

The third on the list of top 10 indoor plants, we have Peace Lily – a plant that enhances the indoor air quality and gives an aesthetic and attractive touch to the space where it is kept. These plants require little to no sunlight and have been easy to maintain. The plant grows up to 2 feet (60 cm) and blooms all year long.

Peace Lily - Ecofynd

  • They are adapted to low levels of watering, and the hooded flowers are gorgeous.
  • Soil - soil that holds a little moisture but still drains well to stay evenly damp but not soggy.

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4. Fiddle Leaf Fig tree

Botanical Name – Ficus Lyrata

Common Name - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Ficus Lyrata is a trendy and eye-catching plant to grow as a houseplant. If you live in an area that stays very hot and humid, you can grow a fiddle-leaf fig tree. Fiddle leaf figs bloom in bright sunlight, so place them in a window that gets at least 5-6 hours of sun a day. However, the plant has a prolonged growth rate and requires special attention.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Ecofynd

  • They can grow as tall as 10 feet with proper care.
  • They are popular and show your prowess as an indoor gardener.
  • Water when the top inch of soil is dry. Make sure you water profoundly, but the container should be drained well later.

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5. Areca Palm

Botanical Name - DypsisLutescens

Common Name - Areca Palm

Areca Palms are the perfect choice for adding a stunning look to the interiors. These plants require indirect sunlight, and so they can be placed near a south or west-facing window. It is suggested to report the Areca Palm every three years to evade accumulating minerals in the soil that severely affects the leaves and the stems.

Areca Palm - Ecofynd

  • The plant requires regular watering and repotting.
  • The plant grows up to 7 feet in height
  • This plant prefers soil that is rich in nutrients and a bit on the acidic side.
  • It is essential to feed your areca palm a time-release fertilizer pellet every spring.
  • One should not fertilize the plant during the winter. It won't require the extra nutrients when it is not growing, so the salt present in the fertilizer will sit in the soil.

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6. Ferns

Ferns are the plants that every Indian prefers growing in their households. These are easy-to-maintain plants, and with their green canopy of leaves, they add effortless greenery and beauty to the place. 

Ferns - Ecofynd

  • To enrich the soil, one should apply protection of garden compost or well-rotted manure to the soil surface annually in spring.
  • They need moderate levels of sunlight and moist soil to grow well
  • Daily watering and light spraying of the leaves will keep them healthy and green.

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7. Jade Plant

Botanical Name – Crassula ovata

Common Name – Jade Plant

Jade plants are generally low-maintenance and easy to manage, but they are sensitive to overwatering and various illnesses. Overwatering is fatal to all succulents, so err on the side of keeping the soil too dry rather than too moist. To reach their most tremendous potential, jade plants require a lot of light. If the right conditions are fulfilled, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful succulent that can be readily replicated, giving you plenty of extra plants to scatter throughout your home.

Jade Plant - Ecofynd

  • The soil type should be well-drained, and the level should be neutral to acidic. 
  • The bloom time of this plant is in spring.
  • The plant is toxic to cats and dogs.
  • The best suitable planter for Jade Plant
  • The plant grows up to 3-6 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide.
  • The plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

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8. Cactus Plant 

Botanical Name - Cactaceae

Common Name - Cactus

Cacti, like most succulents, grow slowly, mainly when grown in planters indoors. Cactus plants only grow a few centimeters in the first two or three years. Cacti do not require much feeding due to their modest development rate. If properly cared for, a cactus can live for decades indoors. For Cacti to live a long life - they need to be thoroughly watered as the soil often becomes dry.

Cactus Plant - Ecofynd

  • Cacti can survive in direct sunshine for up to 12 hours every day.
  • Cactus plants may require weekly watering in the summer.
  • Water them every four to six weeks in the winter.
  • Cacti thrive in temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C) and require feeding twice or three times during the growing season.
  • Cacti require temperatures of 8-10°C during the winter and autumn.
  • If you're growing your cactus indoors, you should rotate it at least once a month as cacti like to grow towards the sun.
  • Plants typically grow between 0.5" to 1" (1–3 cm) per year when grown in ideal conditions and given adequate water.

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9. Spider Plant

Botanical Name - Chlorophytum comosum

Common Name – Spider Plant

It's a beautiful hanging plant for your home. In low light, moderate sunlight, or indirect sunlight, the Spider Plant can grow. It produces more chlorophyll than other indoor plants and filters the air of harmful pollutants.

Snake Plant - Ecofynd

  • The leaves can be damaged by direct sunshine. Inside, a bright window with indirect sunlight is excellent. 
  • Although they prefer loose, loamy soil with good drainage, these plants can thrive in many soil types.
  • Spider plants grow one to two feet tall and have long.

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10. Dragon Tree

Botanical Name – Dracaena Marginata

Common Name – Dragon Tree

It is commonly known as the dragon tree and is one of the most effective plants for air purification. It has lovely green sword-like leaves with red edges. The plant helps to filter the toxins like Benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene and creates a healthy breathing environment.

Dragon Tree - Ecofynd

  • In warm indoor settings, it can reach a height of nearly 20 feet. In addition, the plant can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions.
  • Because of the plant's sensitivity to water, it's best to water it with lukewarm water.
  • The leaves of the Dracaena Marginata plant can turn yellow if it is thirsty. As a result, water your plant right away.

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The top 10 Indoor Plants list is easy to maintain and can make your house full of freshness and visually appealing. So don’t wait any further, the weather is awesome and the sun is bright. You just choose the plant which you think is right.


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