Who we are

Sustainable and Aesthetic home decor solutions!

Plants play a vital role in our ecosystem and we should bring in practice of planting more trees every day to get rid of the pollution around us. Well, colorful and beautiful planters can increase the oomph of our gardens or balconies. Ecofynd is a one stop solution for such home decor products. We have a wide range of planters, water can, macrame hangers, lanterns, tea light holders and whatnot!

Well, gardening is not just about having a few plants in our backyard. It’s an art of cultivating plants, a passionate hobby for many, to curate different plants that add to the beauty of our homes. We at Ecofynd, provide innumerable, customized ideas and solutions for converting your monotonous indoors into extravagant displays. Coupled with a strong Instagram family we help connect and find the right fit for your small balconies, provide indoor decor planters and urban gardening solutions.

We have a team of highly skilled artisans at our workshop based in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh who craft our designs into reality. Our product development is inspired by millions of people who strive endlessly to create an ounce of Green life in the midst of the growing concrete jungle.

We love to see you prospering along with nature and we provide a one stop shop for you to attain “GREEN SALVATION”. Hope you love our handcrafted creations.

Owned by Greenpost Retail Private Limited.

For Business Queries please write to us on - ecofynd@gmail.com