ecofynd Non Woven Fabric Pots Grow Bags

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Material Cotton
Color Black
Dimension LxWxH 8x8x9 inches
Weight 250 grams
Package Include 5x Macrame Grow Bag

Unique Design: Introducing Grow Bags Made of Non-woven fabric, fairly permeable, environmental-friendly, clear design, well-analyzed depth, bags can stay upright when unfilled.

Multiple Uses: Perfect for outdoors, patios, or indoor growing operations; It can be used with traditional soil or soil mixes. During the off season or when not in use grow bags can be folded up and stored with minimal space.

Great Drainage: fabric means the pots do not retain excess water, allowing your roots to breathe for healthier, more vigorous growth.

Prevent Root Circling: Excellent air permeability and drainage help prevent root circling and rotting, naturally air pruning "burns" off the exposed roots to promote plant's healthy growth.

Country of Origin: India