ecofynd Metal Plant Stakes

Set of


Material Metal
Color Green
Item Dimension LxWxH 5 x 65 x 400 Millimeters

Perfect garden plant stakes, prop up your filmsy plants, prevent them from entangling with each other, help them grow uprightly and healthily, also protect them against strong wind, heavy rain and their own heavy bloom. Sturdy core and plastic coating, rustproof, supportive and long lasting. Has dark green smooth surface, blend nicely into leaves and stems almost invisible. Simple and keep upright, looks graceful. Each flower support has one slot for stems passing through easily without breaking them. Simple to use just insert the stake into the earth and get the stem into the hoop through the slot. It can be used to support various plants flowers like amaryllis, orchid, lily, rose, peony, iris etc and for other filmsy plants like young tomato plants, little sapling, filmsy cactus and the like.

Country of Origin: India