ecofynd Metal Plant Stakes

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Need to protect your plants from harsh weather?

  • A little bit of rain is always welcome in our gardens as it saves us time and resources. However, heavy rainstorms can instantly wreak havoc in our backyards and kill the plants we've worked hard to grow.

  • To avoid losing our harvests to Mother Nature's fickle moods, we must give our buds and blooms the support they need. If you're trying to protect single-stemmed flowers, then using a stake is the way to go.

Reinforce the stems of your flowers and fruiting plants with the ecofynd Plant Stake Supports!

  • Although we can't control the climate, we can still give our flowers a better chance of survival against strong winds and heavy downpours. Use this gardening tool to prevent stalks from breaking or bending despite extreme weather conditions.

  • Our garden stakes for plants are made with sturdy metal bodies that are molded at a 90° angle. They’re designed to stand firmly on the ground to keep your greens upright. Their 3-inch ring cages provide all-around support so your flowers won't fall no matter which direction the wind blows. All you have to do is gently place and adjust your plant's stem inside the ring, and push the stake into your soil.

  • More than just for protection, propping up small blooms such as peonies, lilies, sunflowers, zinnias, tomatoes, and young trees can help them grow better and straighter. The best thing about these garden plant stakes is that you don't need to use wood or rope to keep them standing!

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to use these stakes:

The color will not fade overtime
Slim and lightweight
Easy to store and carry
Looks elegant and natural
Awesome gift for plant lovers

Level up your gardening and protect your plants. Add the ecofynd Plant Stake Supports to your cart TODAY!


Trelis length: 15.9", Ring Dia: 2.49", Material: Metal


Country of origin: India