Add a modern twist of greenery to your space

Add a Modern Twist of Greenery to your Space

We all know how nature has a special place in our hearts. It possesses a delightful variety of things that one admires and loves. Plants or floral arrangements are part of so many big occasions around the world. So why not start the celebration right from home? Decorate your house with Ecofynd's unique planters' collection and give your entrances and corners a delightful look. 

Ecofynd is a gardening and home décor brand that offers a fantastic collection of planters, plant- care equipment’s, antique wall hooks and huge variety of macramé plant hangers, and wall arts to beautify your interiors. We have a huge collections of home décor at very reasonable market prices. There are several whys and wherefores to use plants for decorating your house. It augments the beauty of the home and brings positive energy to you. 

Succulents – but why should one choose this?

Succulent are the best choice for a plant lover. These plants have super low maintenance, they look elegant, and they add the perfect amount of green to the house.

In addition, they do not require much of attention (just few ice cubes every alternative week).  Ecofynd 4.3 Inch Golden PlanterBut choosing the right planter requires attention.

So, gold metal planter is the perfect choice for succulent to place at the middle of table in a drawing room or in balcony. It is just classy as it looks!

A Gold metal planter is highly recommended for Succulents and Macrame Plant Hangers. In addition, we have a  Premium country style decorative container for garden decor, events and weddings. As we all know, a house filled with plants is a happy home. So, when it comes to decorating your interiors, there is no shortage of ideas, but only a shortage of products. 

These metal pots kept at one corner of the room will start capturing everyone's attention. Do not leave the corners of your houses empty, but try adding a modern twist to them. Plants not only make an oxygen-rich atmosphere but also manages to make the place lively. 

Macrame Hanging Planters 

Macrame Hanging Planters – is amazingly beautiful and useful gardening heck of the west.  Though quiet resembling to the 90’s decoration of our grandmothers. These planter hangers give an elegant look to the windows, balconies and corners and add a versatile look to your walls. They add beauty to the space with a bohemian touch that acts as a cherry on the cake. 

Macrame plant hangers  that can add a chic look to your hall and bedroom walls. Macrame made of cotton yarn are environmentally protective, washable and durable. This hanging plant stand comes with a solid and flexible woven design that can accommodate planters of various sizes and shapes. 

Ecofynd Macrame Cotton Plant Hanger

Macrame is always said to be a better option because of its innovative and unique look. The thought of even looking at these macrame plant hangers in your walls will make you happy. How smoothly the three varieties of Ecofynd macrame planters add beauty to the walls of the houses. So, give your house modern yet a bohemian look. Visit the house of Ecofynd and look for the perfect macrame piece to accolade your décor. 

Square and Rectangular Tapered Planters

These give an excellent company to your attractive entrances and corners. What gives a classy look to a house? These square and rectangular tapered planters provide practical solutions to modern residential, commercial, or other public spaces. These stylish and space-efficient planters fit perfectly into the corners of the room or house and end up giving a classy look that no other planters can provide. 

Ecofynd 12 inches Midland Metal Planter

Designers and decorators use these types of planters to give a sleek and elegant look to the houses. So, when combined with the correct décor elements, these planters can lift the curb appeal and environment of space.

Imagine how fantastic these planters would look in your entrances or the hall areas of your house. As we know, if it's not today, then it's never. Ecofynd through these excellent collections of tapered planters offers you a perfect amalgamation of form and function, as these planters can be used as centre points, freestanding walls, barriers  and also gives a sophisticated look to your indoor or outdoor spaces. What are you waiting for? Choose your perfect style and size.

Ecofynd  understands how one looks for durable and pocket friendly, but still the best products to design their interiors. Keeping everything in mind, we designed best collection of small and large planters for you, and that too at reasonable rates. We always try provide quality product and post-delivery support to our customers and always love to hear their valuable suggestions and feedback. That’s the way we improve every day.

So, don’t wait till dawn, change something around you. Yet, simplest change is to plant a lovely houseplant to decorate your residential or commercial space in an Ecofriendly Ecofynd Planter.  

Stay green, stay healthy.

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